unite de developpement des competences familiales (udcf)

Centre de formation IFATC Lyon

Unité de Développement des Compétences Familiales

117 rue Garibaldi, 69006 LYON
SNCF-Métro : arrêt gare de La Part Dieu
Trolleybus C3 : arrêt Garibaldi-Lafayette

The UDCF centre is a consulting and therapy centre, operating under the auspices of the IFATC institute (Institut de formation et d’application des thérapies de la communication), which is a teaching institute. The UDCF centre is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, who specialize in family therapy.

The UDCF centre offers the following services in English:

  • Individual therapy
  • Couple therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Parents’ support workshops

Therapy sessions in English are offered by Mr. B. Raz.

Mr. Raz is a psychologist and a regulated health professional with ADELI. He is also an accredited member of EFTA (European Family Therapy Association).  Canadian born and raised, Mr. Raz was trained in Toronto (Canada), Chicago (USA) and Lyon (FRANCE), and he is fluent in English, French and Hebrew. Mr. Raz has been working in the fields of mental health, family, addictions, trauma, grief and sleep for the past 20 years, and he has extensive experience in outpatient and in-patient, hospital and clinic settings.

UDCF Supervisors:

  • R. Perrone, Psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Dr. Perrone is an accredited member of EFTA and currently holds the position of Director at the IFATC institute in Lyon
  • L. Perrone is a psychologist, psychotherapist and family mediator. Ms. Perrone is an accredited member of EFTA (European Family Therapy Association).

Contact information for the UDCF:

  • Address: 117 rue Garibaldi, 69006 LYON
  • Telephone: In French: 06 73 23 82 82. In English: 07 81 88 97 05
  • Access : SNCF-Métro : arrêt gare de La Part Dieu. Trolleybus C3 : arrêt Garibaldi-Lafayette
  • Web address: https://www.ifatc.com/centre-de-therapie-du-couple-et-de-la-famille-lyon
  • Fees: Please note that services are billed on a fee-per-service basis, on a rate of 60 euros per hour. Please check with your insurance about coverage offered by your insurance company prior to start of therapy.
  • Referral Sources: Self referrals, family doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, health professionals, employment assistance program, etc. Please note that all appointments must be pre-arranged

Contact us 06 73 23 82 82